Agent service

From providing general business support to arranging product introduction at trade shows, we offer various services for Japanese companies to maximize their potential in the U.S. market.

While our daily operations consist of general support including sales, collection, distribution, and inventory management, our biggest benefit is our function as business analysts for our clients. We will present an indepth analysis of your products and how they can become successful as a brand in the U.S. market. From product development to packaging design, we support you from the start until the products become fully ready for the American retail environment.


Sales Operation Support


Sales Promotion

From specialty retail to department stores, we will help determine the right target for the products being introduced. Through trade show exhibitions and other promotional activities, we will work together to achieve sales results with goals of expansion.

Doing Business in the U.S.

U.S. retailers prefer dealing domestically to ensure daily communication and follow-ups are done easily and in a timely manner. Monitoring sales and managing inventory levels are priorities for any retailers. When products are selling, re-orders are expected to be fulfilled quickly. Without quick response, retailers have little reason to invest into a product. The reality is that many U.S. retailers will not even consider doing business with companies without U.S. based contacts.

Doing Business in the U.S.

Utilizing Our Sales Tools

When placing orders, buyers will use our purchase order which outlines all the specific terms of sales. Together with credit card information, a buyer will provide signature agreeing to the payment terms before an order can officially be placed. Furthermore, our purchase order makes clear instructions on how payments are made to our factoring company.

Sales Follow-up

At trade shows and other promotional events, we carefully note the buyerʼs response and needs. Through follow-up emails and sales support, we work hard to foster strong relationships with each retailer while leading to sales.

Post-Trade Show Sales Support

From sending out samples to answering inquiries, we perform post-trade show support in a strategic and in timely manner. For big retailers with substantial distribution and sales potential, we will visit their offices personally to give product presentations and provide sales activities.

Collection Support

Determining Customer's Credit Worthiness

Knowing the credit worthiness of a buyer is very important when doing business in the U.S. retail environment. When a company lacks adequate rating, they may have less than desirable payment habits. Using commercial credit reports and references, we will assess the retailerʼs risks and add any necessary provisions in the purchase order/ sales agreement.

Collection Using Factoring Company

To ensure payments, we use a factoring company for collections. For a NET30 term, the buyer makes a payment directly to the factor within 30 days from the day the goods are delivered. The factor will then deposit the payment to our account within 2 weeks.

Payment Using Credit Cards

In the U.S., making wholesale purchases with a credit card is quite common. Hence, we have agreements with major U.S. card companies (American Express, Visa, Mastercard) which provide monthly payments for sales to our account.


When payments are received from our factor or from the credit card companies, we will deposit the amount to the bank account jointly held with our client companies. A monthly sales report will generated detailing commissions and other selling expenses.

Performing Money Transfer

We will wire transfer the sales payment amount (after deducting all selling expenses and commissions) to your company's bank account in Japan.

Distribution Support

Exporting Goods to the U.S.

Sending goods sporadically using services such as EMS doesn't offer competitive pricing and wonʼt support wholesale opportunities. By partnering with a company in California, we provide warehousing and inventory control. We will essentially act as an importer and distributor, representing your company and products in the U.S.

Shipment of Products

When an order is placed from the buyers, we work with the warehouse to provide the most appropriate shipment logistics.


Using our accounting software, we create invoices adapted for the U.S. retail trade. The software uses invoice data to generate real time sales report and manage accounts receivables.

Using EDI for Major Retail Chains

Most major retail chains rely on EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for their documents including purchase order, invoice, and packing slip. Our system complies with the industryʼs EDI standards providing seamless exchange of documents and data with our customers.

Inventory Management

Having accessible inventory is the key to growth in U.S. retail. By having warehouses in both California (West Coast) and New Jersey (East Coast), we have the means to secure inventory to avoid any missed opportunities. We will work with you and the retailers daily to create forecasts to maintain a healthy inventory level at all times.


Customer Service Support


Working for Re-orders

Post-sales, we will communicate with the buyers to discuss and promote re-orders. With healthy inventory in our warehouses, buyers are assured to invest, should need for quick replenishing arises.

Customer Service

From general questions to usage instructions, retailers may need assistance post-sales. Furthermore, questions or claims directly from retail customers may arise. Being able to provide adequate customer service is essential to product loyalty and is indispensible for expansion.