Incorporating Subsidiary Company in the U.S.

At Actus, our goal is to grow your business. After your products and brand becomes well established in the U.S., your may consider incorporating an overseas subsidiary company to further expand your business here. We offer services supporting such endeavor.

Application Procedures

From our network, we can match your business with professionals specialized to your needs. From law firms to commercial real estate agents, our network offers an array of people experienced with Japanese companies establishing themselves in the U.S.

Tax and Accounting Support

Through our outsourced division of public accountants dually-certified in the U.S. and in Japan, we can provide support for all your accounting needs from data management to sending tax returns.

Human Resource Support

When it comes to Human Resource, our staffing division has the right experience and knowledge to help your business. From advising about many complex issues regarding U.S. human resourcing to finding and interviewing the right candidates, our team of consultants will support you from the beginning.

Business Support

After the successful establishment of your subsidiary company, we can continue to provide business support upon your request.