Market Reserch

In the U.S., performing market research is vital to a product and brand success. With your product line in context with the U.S. retail environment, we perform extensive research and proposals.


General Description

Research Focused On American Lifestyle

Having clear understanding of U.S. consumers is difficult when living in Japan. Though generalized information may be obtained, subtle nuance and behavior may be missed. To recognize consumer sensibilities, we analyze specific American customs and habits relating to your product line.

Market Trend Analysis

To invest in products with good sell-thru and turnover, buyers need to be sensitive to market trends. By utilizing overall trends such as colors, we can draw stronger attention to your products and product lines. We will perform trend analysis for the American market as well as trends more specific to your product category.


Industry Analysis

In both Japan and in the U.S., knowing the industry is essential for doing business. From industry leaders and their products to general industry atmosphere, we will provide a comprehensive analysis of the industry.

Competitor Analysis

From market leaders to more immediate competitors, we will analyze the companies and their products that most relates to your company. We will assess their product offerings and retail strategies including packaging.


Retail Analysis

For a buyer, an image of the product is equally important as the product itself. At retail level, packaging and branding image affects sales as well as the store image. We will analyze various retail outlets through research and actual store visits.

Product Analysis

Having a comprehensive understanding of U.S. merchandising is important to determine what position your product line stands within the market. We will gather and analyze products available in the same category and pinpoint opportunities and create strategies for your products.

Packaging Analysis

One noticeable difference between Japanese and U.S. consumers can be seen in packaging designs. In the U.S., packaging for practical household items seems more direct and with clear marketing message. Detailed usage instructions may also be included together with illustrations. We will analyze packaging designs from other competitor brands and help create strategies for your products and brand.

Price Analysis

Determining just the right pricing is essential for effective selling. What may seem like a good price may be different in the U.S. market. By comparing competitor products and also investigating consumer sentiments in the U.S., we will advise the most appropriate pricing strategies.

Strategy Proposal

With comprehensive analysis and research, we will create a proposal for your products strategizing sales, merchandising, pricing, packaging, and marketing.

Market Development

We will advise markets where most immediate sales can be achieved as well as future opportunities in untapped markets.